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Our Favourite Educational Toys For Kids

In this post, we will be covering our favourite educational toys for kids. We all love to see the look on a child’s face when playing with their favourite toy and it’s an even better feeling when you know the fun they’re having will actually have a long lasting benefit to their development as they grow up.

Below, we have hand picked our favourite and affordable educational toys for kids covering different age groups.

1-2 years


We love the idea of getting a young child into reading early. This attractive little book contains delightful looking imagery to catch the attention of the baby. Also, the soft cloth makes it easy for them to grab the book and helps encourage hand and eye co-ordination. As they get older, it offers a fun way to get an early introduction into identifying colours and different animals.

3-4 years


Since we’re approaching the ages where bath time can turn into an all out battle, why not make the experience a lot more enjoyable and something they will look forward to with this fun pack of little Under The Sea Ocean Counters by Learning Resources. It encourages a varied amount of maths skills such as counting, sorting, patterning, while also providing a fun resource for colour and animal differentiation.

5-6 years


This delightful little personalised puzzle ticks quite a few boxes for it’s educational purposes. Not only does it’s simple and colourful design attracts attention, but the skill of puzzle solving is combined with a fun way to learn about the Solar System and it’s incorporated planets, as well as offering a few welcome facts. The added bonus of it being personalised just makes it that more special for the child.

7-8 years


This award winning toy is a brilliant way to stimulate a child’s imagination. It helps to build numerous English language skills such as vocabulary, speaking and listening. With the huge amount of possible variations that can be made with each roll of the dice, thinking of different story ideas will never get dull or repetitive. When it comes to finding fun educational toys for kids, this product should be high on every parents list.

9+ years


Any toy or game that encourages reading in a fun way is a most welcome addition to any child’s development. It covers stories of fiction and non-fiction related to a variety of fundamental learning subjects. Not only are reading skills tested but so is the ability to think logically to answers related to the topic. The fact the cards are aligned to the National Curriculum’s Attainment Targets further proofs how beneficial this is educationally.


If you found these suggestions useful, why not have a look at our Personalised Children’s Book that helps young children to read, as well as being fun and engaging.