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Our company

May we welcome you to the My Magic Name website. We specialise in the provision of personalised children's books, printed to order, based on the information (name and address) customers supply us with. We are based in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Our books can be posted to any country worldwide.

The My Magic Name website (mymagicname.com) - (The Book Crafting Company Ltd)

These terms and conditions reflect how you can use "our site, or "our service", on this website or on any app, downloaded from an app store, to best advantage. These terms and conditions indicate any limitations that apply to its usage. Therefore please do read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you start to use, either our "Site" or our "Service", or both. By accessing our Site and or placing an "order", you thereby agree to be bound by these said Terms and Conditions. If you cannot accept these Terms and Conditions, please log-off from our "service".

Connecting to our service

Connection to our Site and to our Service is permitted for the purpose of evaluation of My Magic Name publications and for the placement of orders. We do have the right to withdraw or change the nature of the service without due advance notice. No liability passes to us if for any reason the site is unavailable at any time and for any reason. Please ensure you maintain due diligence and confidentiality in regard to your account login details when placing an order. Please contact us if for any reason you believe your account details have been compromised at any time.

Reasonable use of our service

Our service may only be used for lawful means. You must not flout any local, national or international laws, or communications regulations in accesing or using our service. You may not re-use, infringe our copyright or pass off as your own, any of our original copyrighted content, both graphic and textual, contained within the site or within any personalised printed book. By using the service you confirm that you will not attempt to cause to fail, corrupt any part of our site or service, or interfere with any medium, browser or portal associated with providing our service.

All intellectual property rights, as defined by current international copyright law, applicable to our site and the graphic and textual content of our site and our printed publications are reserved. The content within our site may be used for your personal, but non-commercial purposes. Site and printed publication content cannot be reproduced, altered,re- distributed, re-published, displayed, transmitted or made available for sale in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part. The removal of any copyright or other company notices or logos contained in the site or on printed content is expressly forbidden and illegal.

Previewing a book on the site

Whilst placing an order for a personalised book, we provide an opportunity to "preview" on your screen your purchase before placement of the order. We endeavour to create as close as practicable, in the printed version, a faithful reproduction of the screen version as possible, however the printed version cannot be guaranteed to be 100 percent identical in terms of colours and layout.

Placing an order

After previewing your child's book on-screen you can proceed to placing an order by navigating to the "Place order" button. Once you click on this button you will go through to the "confirmation page" of order placement. At this point a "sales contract" is formed between us. We will automatically send a confirmation email to the addrees you have provided on the order page. We will also advise you of the typical delivery time for your order. Should there be any query in regard to your order we shall communicate to you via the email address you have provided. Alternatively, if you feel you have made an error whilst placing your order, please contact us immediately, via the "contact us" details provided, so we may endeavour to rectify matters before printing commences. Before clicking confirm order please check very carefully to ensure all personal information relating to the childs name and the delivery address are correct. Should delivery be refused or your package returned to us due to an incorrect address, you will be charged, at our discretion, a return fee. All Products are subject to availability. We reserve the right to reject any order without any reason. An order shall not be deemed accepted by My Magic Name until we have confirmed it in the Order Confirmation process.


We deliver by Royal Mail postage. All options for delivery will be highlighted on the order page on the site. Once despatched, the progress of packages through the post are outside our control and thus we cannot be held responsible for any undue delays or failure to meet your personal deadline. You are advised to order in good time to allow for the vaguearies of production and delivery times. If you have not received your book with 14 days of ordering within the U.K., or within 30 days outside of the U.K., please contact us by email so we may investigate on your behalf. Any damage or defects to your book should be immediately reported to us , by email, within 10 days of receipt, and accompanied by a digital photo image.

Returns, refunds and rights of cancellation

You shall have the right to cancel an Order only in the following circumstances:
(a) If We have failed to deliver the Order within 40 days after the date you placed the Order;

(b) In the case of Faulty Products at the earliest opportunity after you have discovered that the fault or defect (provided that You shall be deemed to have inspected the Product as soon as reasonably practicable after delivery and in no case longer than 14 days after receiving the product).

If an Order is cancelled under the conditions in (a) or (b) above, We shall be responsible for all sums paid (including initial and re-delivery charges (if any) in respect of the Order in question.

Notice of wish to cancel must be made by email to support@mymagicname.com

Personalised items cannot be returned / replaced unless faulty.

For the avoidance of doubt, save in respect of Faulty or defective Products, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall give you rights of cancellation in regard to the Products, which, by their nature, have been made to your specification or clearly personalised.

You must return any Product to Us in its original packaging (which You should retain for this purpose).

Nothing in this clause affects your statutory rights.


Pricing is listed on our site and includes V.A.T.

Pricing is subject to change without notice, but prices are firm once an order is placed on the site, and will not be subject to any increase.

Payment methods accepted

Payment can be made either through our secure and encrypted payment portal, which is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification, by using a debit / credit or American Express card.

Payment can also be accepted via PayPal.


Only to the extent permitted by law, our liability for losses you might suffer as a result of us being in breach of this contract is strictly limited to the purchase price of the product you purchased. No other losses can be claimed or will be entertained by My Magc Name. We make no representations or guarantees as regards the content of the site, or in its printed form in the personalised publication, that errors do not exist or that they will be corrected, or that ordered products will arrive in a reasonable period of time. We do not make any guarantees or representations in regard to the availability of our service at any time.

Great care has been taken in the construction of the site you visit and the printed material we post to customers. However, we will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions to our site's content or flow process, or the printed matter in our book. Should you advise us of any discovered errors in the site or service or the printed matter we send you then we will endeavour to rectify such findings as soon as is reasonably possible. We exclude ourselves from any liability, to you or any third party, arising from the use of our site or service, or in the printed product we send you, or from any site linked to our website.

Force Majeure (circumstances beyond of our control)

No individual or company or institution shall be liable, without any limitation whatsoever, to any other for failure to execute its contractual obligation, arising from any cause beyond its control, under this agreement including, for any of the following:

Act of God
Governmental act
Civil commotion

None of the above circumstances will release the customer from their obligation to pay for the goods or services provided by My Magic Name.

Governing Law

These Terms and conditions ( the agreement) shall be interpreted under the laws of England and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Without prejudice. Should any provision, clause or sub heading of this agreement prove to fall outside of the law, then the remainder of the terms of this agreement remain fully applicable and enforceable.

Our right to vary these Terms and Conditions

We assert the right to review and possibly revise these terms and conditions of use at any time and to amend this page to refelect these new applicable terms and conditions. You must check these terms and conditions periodically to establish if any changes have been made because they are legally binding on you and My Magic Name.

Interacting with our site

We may ocassionally invite interaction with our site features, such as blogs, feedback comments, chat. Should we feel the need to moderate on any of these interactive services, we will publish a notice to this effect. Those choosing to interact with any of these services must do so in accordance with the provisions contained within the terms and conditions of use of the site, services and the printed products. We reserve the right to remove any visitor submissions that we deem are in contravention of the terms and conditions of use, published herein. Should you need to discuss any aspect of the site's interactive services please email us by using the "contact us" details provided.

The content standard of any contribution you may make to any of our interactive services or of any content to be made public must be of a reasoable standard in terms of language and attitude. No swearing, abusive or defamatory comments , no racial or sexual references,no religous discrimination, no inuendos, no subversive or illegal suggestion may be used, they must not invade any person's privacy, or to attempt to misrepresent or to pervert the course of justice, or use any wording that may cause offence to any reader. Comments and contributions must be accurate and factual, truthful and opinions must be expressed moderately. No infringement of others' copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights must be made. All contributions submitted must fall within the laws of the United Kingdom, and also comply with those of the country from which they originate.

Termination of interactive access to the site

Should it come to light that any of the above breaches have occured during the interactive process then an immediate suspension of use of the service will be enforced and any recourse to law for rightful compenstion by My Magic Name will be commenced. We may also, at our discretion, report any breaches to the appropriate law agency in any country.

Uploaded content to our site

All content that you upload to our site, at any time, will become our intellectual property, with all worldwide rights passed to us to dispose, to disclose to any third party, to use in any way we deem fit or to sell in perpetuity, without any royalties whatsoever becoming due to you.

Links from our website

Links from our website to third parties' websites are provided strictly for information only. We have no influence as to the content, attitudes reflected, or suggested actions contained in those sites and thus we shoulder no responsibilty for any losses or damages as a consequence of using the information or resources contained in them.

Legal durisdiction and applicable law

English courts will hold durisdiction over any dispute or claim resulting from a visit, a transaction to the My Magic Name site, or the use of its service and products. Our terms and conditions relating to usage of our site and its products shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of England and Wales.