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How to Run a Successful Mummy Blog

Want to create a mummy blog to possibly earn an extra income? Or just interact with other mums? Read on, it’s not as hard as you might think.


If you are pregnant or a young mother or a more experienced parent and love communicating ideas, combined with writing, then setting up your own PARENTING BLOG SITE is something that could appeal to you!  You could very soon find yourself communicating your parenting experiences and wisdom with mothers from all over the globe! It could even lead to a new career.

Firstly, choose a catchy name and a brief sentence that explains what your blogs are about! Just to be certain your chosen site name and site description are on target consult a few friends who are pregnant or already mums and seek their opinions. Their critique may result in a better catchy site name and more relevant purpose of the site description. You also have the advantage of being able to create an “ABOUT US” page on your blogging site where you can expand at some length on the purpose of your blogs.


Create your USP (Unique Selling Point)

Only start to write your initial blogs after you a have written down exactly what you want to write about and have done some vital research at other mummy blog sites to see what you want your own niche to be. You may, for instance decide to concentrate on your pregnancy term, or your delivery and then getting used to the new arrival and how it impacted on your life, or your existing family’s life.

Maybe you will concentrate more on baby product reviews, or fashions for pregnant or new mums, or even all about the journey of getting the baby’s creche ready and the clothes and toys chosen for your baby. Once you have established your theme it will make creating your blogs very much easier, help to establish your target audience and give you that vital unique platform.


IT expertise is not essential

If you have limited Digital technical skills concerning website creation, fear not. The reason being is that sites like and make website creation a very much simplified process. It’s a sort of basic ABC of website design. Of course you will need a server to host your wordpress or blogger site on, so the world can see it. However they are easy to find with a Google search.


Start posting your blogs as soon as possible

The next step is to get your blogs posted on the new blog site. Your readers will grow fairly rapidly if you post at least one blog weekly. This has the effect of keeping it up to date and gives your new audience something to read and comment on every week. Ensure the blogs posted are original in content, engaging and relevant, and above all add several relevant images to liven up the pages. Remember a posting of all text is boring to the reader, so pile in with those colorful images!


Using social media to broadcast your new site

The next and most important step is to broadcast details of your new site to as many mums, and soon to be mums, as possible and drive lots of traffic to it. The quickest way to achieve this is via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even Linkedin. Setting up accounts in a couple or all of these media sites will rapidly expand the readership of your blogs. Some of the people you contact will become regular readers of your blogs and may even become guest contributors to your weekly submissions.


Diversify into Vblogging

Eventually, you could even diversify in Vblogging, which involves making video presentations on media such as YouTube. This can work well if you introduce some humor into your video blogs, or demonstrate some special expertise in vital areas of motherhood, or planning and preparing for giving birth. Some mothers have audiences running into thousands and are making a satisfactory income from the promotion of reputable products. In some instances the whole family is presented in the video blogs, making them celebrities, resulting in the group becoming  a BRAND!


Turning it into a career

Of course such success does not arrive overnight! It all hinges on getting sufficient devoted people to visit your site on a regular basis. One option, once you have a substantial number of regular readers, is to sell advertising space on your site to companies who promote relevant products for mums and children. Or you could become an affiliate for products you are happy to endorse. You could write e-books giving accounts of yours and your readers’ experiences (with their permission naturally). Profits can be considerable – so go for it NOW!



For your first blog,  you could write a review of our personalized children’s adventure book, “My Magic Name“.  Take photos of the book, document the contents, illustrations and rhymes, and let your readers know exactly what type of magical adventure their children will have.